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Thirty Years, Thirty Shows
Book, Music and Lyrics by Joshua Z. Kant
Conceived, with Additional Lyrics by Stephen Tomac

Two men in their fifties have written thirty musicals together over thirty years, without A SINGLE SUCCESS. No one has ever agreed to produce even one of these shows. The audience for their work has almost exclusively been the members of the Words Plus Music writing lab, which theyíve attended religiously since February of 1975.

This writer and composer team, Wally Doggett and Arthur Katz , have mysteriously announced their retirement. Shocked and disappointed, Leo Rose, the director of their writing lab, has set them up with a small, farewell concert retrospective: A cabaret-style evening of the greatest songs from their bizarre, controversial, unappreciated repertoire. Two younger women with questionable track records of their own join a singing pianist and the two writers themselves on stage, and this quintet performs choice moments from Wally and Arthurís lost musicals. With each song more outrageous than the one before, with hilariously tragic anecdotes and desperate last-minute antics enveloping the action, the inner workings of a fascinating, combative collaboration are uncovered. All of this builds to the moment when itís revealed why, after all those years of sticking together through bad times and worse, Doggett and Katz have finally decided to call it quits. Or have they?