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~ Selected Works ~

Thirty Years, Thirty Shows
Book, Music and Lyrics by Joshua Z. Kant
Conceived, with Additional Lyrics by Stephen Tomac

Two men in their fifties have written thirty musicals together over thirty years, without A SINGLE SUCCESS. No one has ever agreed to produce even one of these shows. The audience for their work has almost exclusively been the members of the Words Plus Music writing lab, which they’ve attended religiously since February of 1975. more

Kingdom Come: A Disco. A Musical
Music by Joshua Z. Kant
Book and Lyrics by Stephen Tomac

When two young nebbishes from Queens mix what little skills they have with really good timing, they create the most talked about 70's discotheque ever. It's a decadent playground for the beautiful, famous, and chic, but only one question remains: How fast and how hard will they crash and burn?