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From Anna Sharpe Versus the Cyberbully

Check Out What I Texted You (featuring Amy Dolce, Victoria Huston-Elem, and Jeanne Ranlet)
What's Really Going On? (Reprise) (featuring Amy Dolce and Jeanne Ranlet)
New School (featuring Amy Dolce, Victoria Huston-Elem, and Jeanne Ranlet)

From Thirty Years, Thirty Shows

Martha W. (featuring Jeanne Ranlet)
The Favorite Person in the Room (featuring William Ryall)
The Country of Circles and Squares (featuring Bill Nolte)

From Kingdom Come: A Disco A Musical

Genesis (featuring Anthony Rapp)
The Loser Song (featuring Tony Capone and Anthony Rapp)
I'm the One (featuring Carla Hargrove)

From Bella The Musical

A Serious Woman (featuring Ann Harada)
Marty Understands (featuring Matt Castle)
You Can Be The One/Live and Let Live (featuring Matt Castle, Ann Harada and
Zvi Kant)

From Last Wednesday

Real Fantasy (lyric by Stephen Tomac)
(featuring Sara Gettelfinger)